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Project Description:
The existing premises of the “Österreichische Ordensprovinz der Gesellschaft Jesu“ at Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 1 in 1010 Vienna were completely renovated. In the course of the refurbishment, the offices and the whole entrance hall were redesigned on the ground floor. On the ground floor, new areas for office and administration were created. The accommodation areas of the padres were completely renovated and equipped with their own sanitary units.

In addition, a great event room was created in the existing basement vaults.

The following activities were carried out regarding technical building installations:
- Adaptation and extension of the heating system of the existing premises
- Renewal of the sanitary installation systems of all new areas, as well as of the current accommodation areas of the padres
- Construction of a mechanical ventilation system
- Renewal of the entire electrical installation systems
- Installation of a fire alarm system in the entire usable area
- Renewal, extension and adaptation of the whole IT system
- Construction of safety and escape lighting


Österreichische Ordensprovinz der Gesellschaft Jesu



Österreichische Ordensprovinz der Gesellschaft Jesu
Dr. Ignaz Seipel-Platz 1
1010 Wien


General Designer/Architect:

kp. Consulting group ZT – GesmbH


Type of Project:

Office building - Complete Refurbishment


Project Description:

Planning work

Planning services hvac + E
Site Management hvac + E


Construction period:  




Project Description:
The existing office building at Domplatz 2 in Eisenstadt will be extended by an attic floor. The future offices will accommodate the administrative departments of the diocese in Eisenstadt, the St. Martins publishing house and some Caritas departments. A shop and retail space, will be built on the ground floor.
The building will be completely gutted in the course of the reconstruction. All technical building installations will be renewed and updated, resulting in a modern office building coming into being. A modern heating system and an air conditioning system will be installed in the future office building.

The building will be fully equipped with a mechanical ventilation system. 
In order to optimise the energy supply, a photovoltaic system will be installed on the roof of the new attic. Thus, part of the energy costs incurred can be covered. 

The following activities are being carried out regarding technical building installations:
- Renewal of the complete heating system of the office building
- Installation of an air conditioning system for the cooling of all office and retail spaces
- Installation of  ventilation systems for the entire building
- Renewal of all electrotechnical systems in the entire building
- Construction of a photovoltaic system on the roof of the building
- Adaptation and connection to existing supply and disposal systems


Diözese Eisenstadt



Diözese Eisenstadt
Domplatz 2
7000 Eisenstadt


General Designer/Architect :        

kp. Consulting group ZT – GesmbH


Type of Project:

Office building 

Project Description:

Planning work

Planning services hvac + E
Construction Supervision hvac + E


Construction period:            






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